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Pink Opal Mala Necklace with Rose Quartz Stone Pendant

Pink Opal Mala Necklace with Rose Quartz Stone Pendant

Adorn yourself with the warm, and inviting pink hues of Rose Quartz and Pink Opal. The combination of these two stones is apowerful match that not only looks good together but also work in harmony with each other's strengths.

Pink Opal is associated with the opening of the Heart Chakra, and can encourage one to  practice gentle love and kindness.

Rose Quartz is also closesly associated with reseting the heart chakra and promoting inner healing, self love, forgiveness, love, and friendship. 

Together they become a powerful and beautiful duo that will balance you and restore empathy and love within your heart center.


Handstrung with care by Gian Shakti, creator of Devi Tala Designs

  • Care Instructions

    It is recommended to refrain from submerging opal and rose quartz in water for long periods of time to avoid shrinkage, warping, dulled color, and cracking. 


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