Meet Our Team

Experienced and Dedicated


Gian Shakti

Gian Shakti (Johanna) is an E-RYT 500, YACEP Yoga teacher. She is a Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor, a Gong Avatar Trainer, a Reiki Master under the Usui Reiki system, an Access Bars Facilitator, a sound healing and meditation guide. She is also the designer and creator of Devi Tala Designs -- Healing and Empowering jewelry. She has been blessed with the spiritual name of Gian Shakti Kaur which means princess/lioness who is the perfect embodiment of the divine wisdom and creativity of God in the world. Through her dedication to her sadhana (daily spiritual practice), she is able to continuously work on her radiance so she can be a forklift for her students' elevation.


Sotantar Suraj

Sotantar is an E-RYT 500, YACEP Yoga teacher. He is a widely recognized Gong Avatar Teacher, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Trainer. He is the founder and creator of Gong Avatar Academy. Sotantar is dedicated to bring Strength Awareness, Honor to All. His passion is teaching Gong Avatars, Kundalini Yoga, Tantra and bringing the healing and transforming sounds of the Gong to the world. He enjoys giving Gong Sessions, Personal Counseling, Meditation and Healing Planet Gong Concerts to celebrate oneness, peace, love and joy which is our natural state. Check out his website or follow him on instagram @sotantarsuraj.


Nichole Susi-Blair

Nichole discovered her love of yoga asana and pranayama (movement of the body through postures and the study of the breath) as an offset to the daily stressors or working in a corporate environment for 15 years.   She found that yoga aligned with her interest in health and wellness, the mind/ body connection and self discovery and awareness.  After 7 years of dedicated practice, she took the 200 hour Teacher Training in 2009 and knew this was the path for her.  She completed an additional 300 professional training in 2009/2010 and has been teaching ever since.  She has a soft spot for beginners, teaching entry level classes for many years, along with more advanced Vinyasa Flow and Hatha.  Her years of experience with groups, private clients and companies has allowed her to meet each student where they are in that moment, creating a safe space for students to experience, observe, expand and grow their personal practice and self connection. 


Nina Raab

Nina is an experienced yoga, barre, and mat pilates instructor who also works as a personal trainer. Her life experiences, including being in the military at 19, led her to the practice of yoga. Which later on led her to realize that yoga is a life practice that leads you back to you. Her knowledge of anatomy and intuitive exploration of movement with the purpose of healing not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally, bring many layers to her classes that create a full experience that hopefully leads the student to deeper knowledge of self. Nina’s goal is to share with her students the liberation, strength, and infinite potentiality she has found through this life long practice so that we can all keep chipping away, continually, through the layers of external stuff that may have moved us away from Purusha, from the true inner self, from the divinity inside. Namaste means “the divine light in me sees the divine light in you”. Come to Nina’s class and learn about how you can take your practice off the mat, into your daily life, so that you can slowly transform into the most authentic YOU. You can find Nina replenishing her soul and energy outdoors among nature. 

Katrina headshot.HEIC

Katrina Elizabeth Quackenbush

Katrina is a New York native who has always had a passion for sports and fitness.  Two of her many passions growing up were playing soccer and basketball.  Seeking less snow and more sun, she moved to Orange County in 2013. Katrina is absolutely in love with the Southern California lifestyle, and all the opportunities that it provides! On any given day, you can find Katrina hiking, bouldering, walking her two dogs, going to the beach, and riding her bike.  In 2015, Katrina decided to deepen her yoga practice by obtaining a 200HR Vinyasa Flow certification via Yoga Tribe in Huntington Beach.  Katrina has also completed certifications in Yin Yoga, Yogalates, and 300HR in Yoga Therapy.  Katrina has completed the 850HR Yoga Therapist Training and only has Practicum hours to complete! Katrina ensures to deliver premium, educated, spirited classes and private sessions on a multi-faceted basis, as she is able to cater to, help, and serve her client's highest needs.  Katrina teaches Wednesdays and Saturdays and also assists Gian Shakti in all studio operations.  


Karen Hilgert Moore

Karen is an enthusiastic and energetic Mind and Body fitness instructor, and a Master Reiki practitioner committed to bringing her passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle to others. Born in Lima, Peru, Karen developed an interest in fitness and spirituality at a young age. She has relied on fitness as her daily dose of healthy medicine and without it, there was an important piece of herself missing. Making time for herself and her health, Karen found she managed the stress in her life much better and felt healthier and more vibrant. She also discovered the benefits of meditation and energy healing that was passed on generations on the women in her family and found herself submerged in new esoteric experiences developing an intuitive approach for her practice. Karen has obtained several Certifications through in the past ten years including 200 hours of Yoga teacher training from Hard Yoga and Underground Yoga, Mat Pilates and Pilates Apparatuses from BASI Pilates , Barre from Bootybarre, Zumba, Shwimm Indoor cycling. With a real passion for fitness comes a commitment to lifelong learning and Karen continues to learn new formats and participate in different trainings, and teaching at several studios and gyms locally. 


Anna Pryzybla

Anna has been practicing yoga and incorporating its philosophy into her life since 2013.  With over 2,000 hours of yoga instruction, Anna brings a dynamic and powerful experience to her students. Ensuring her classes are accessible, she offers something for all levels.  Above everything, Anna makes sure her students feel welcome and deeply supported however they show up.  Through her challenging experiences, from moving from her native country, Poland at the age of 19. Having to learn a new language, managing relationships, she realized that through the daily discipline of yoga, one can attain confidence and peace.  Yoga has helped her connect deeply with her body in new and profound ways.  All while helping her develop patience and serenity in all aspects of her life.  Anna's intention in every class is to share the same joy and beauty that yoga has brought to her life.  Her classes are vinyasa-based and rooted in the idea that personal practice of yoga involves moving with intuition and exploration.  Her sequences are designed to create a full body experience. Drawing students to fully inhabit their bodies and learn to expand in their space. She strives to both challenge and create an accessible practice for a variety of bodies, while cultivating an interesting, engaging and accepting environment. Her sequences are an offering, come as you are, take what serves you, and allow yourself to find ease in challenges on and off the mat. 

Jenny Day.jpeg

Jenny Day

Jenny teaches with her heart. Her love for movement and grace was what led her to study yoga. She began her practice with Ashtanga Yoga, and later took advanced trainings in Anusara, Kundalini, and Vinyasa Flow.  She received her Hatha Yoga Teaching Certification, RYT in 2004 from White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barabara, CA.

From her years of dance training, she guides her students gracefully from one pose to the next with effortlessness and ease, teaching them proper alignment so they feel an openness in their bodies.  Her calm and yet cheerful demeanor, her soothing voice, and her fluid transitions giver her students the space to release the tension from the day, strengthen their bodies, and attune their minds to the peacefulness within.

Jenny has been studying dance since the age of four.  She has studied ballet and contemporary modern dance extensively, with her main influences coming from the Vaganova Ballet Method and Martha Graham Modern Dance.  She has also studied jazz, tap and gymnastics.  After college Jenny performed in a contemporary dance company.  Jenny has been teaching dance since 1997.